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NEW! Just in time for the 2023 Holiday Season, we are now offering a tart cherry blend of our Smoked Fish Paté. It's the same paté you know and love, blended with locally harvested, dried tart cherries, right from Traverse City! A perfect mix of smoothness with a hint of Michigan cherries.

NEW! For Winter 2023, we are now offering our delicious Laker Bites! These ready-to-eat bite sized pieces of Lake Trout are smoked to perfection and will have you wanting more.

For our rich paté, we offer a 3-pack of each flavor (Whitefish, Lake Trout, or Salmon), or a
Combination Pack which includes one of each. 

We have perfected our smoking process to create a premium product with exceptional flavor. 

We then combine our smoked whitefish, lake trout, and salmon with fresh, all-natural
ingredients to make a mouth-watering paté.


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Going Green

We have decided to go green! All items will be shipped in
Green Cell Foam Coolers made from corn grown in the U.S. The coolers are water
soluble, compostable, and burnable for safe, simple disposal.  Click on the link below to see how to
properly dispose of your Green Cell Foam.