Online Items

Here at Massey Fish Co, we are excited to announce that our
fine Smoked Fish Paté is now available for online ordering!  We are grateful for the positive feedback we
have received from our customers about our Paté and look forward to getting it
into your hands.  At this time, we are
offering Three-packs of each flavor (Whitefish, Lake Trout, and Salmon) or a
Combination Pack which includes one of each. 
We will have more products available as we grow our online

The Massey’s have been Commercial Fishermen in the Northern
Great Lakes for six generations.  Over
the last thirty years, we have made it our mission to expand our simple fishing
operation into a growing business that brings the bounty of the Great Lakes to
your table.   All fish is processed
within hours of catch in our state-of-the-art facility, and handled with care
to maintain the highest quality. 

We have perfected our smoking process to create a premium
product with exceptional flavor.  We then
combine our smoked whitefish, lake trout, and salmon with fresh, all-natural
ingredients to make a mouth-watering paté that will leave you craving more.  Enjoy!

Going Green

We have decided to go green! All items will be shipped in
Green Cell Foam Coolers made from corn grown in the U.S. The coolers are water
soluble, compostable, and burnable for safe, simple disposal.  Click on the link below to see how to
properly dispose of your Green Cell Foam.